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Hey guys and girls welcome to our new website.  I knew you would find this bad ass site.   Chances if you found this site you have been looking for something a lot deeper than what the world is providing you today.  Check in tomorrow do see if you like this. Don’t know who we are please read a little bit on our Contact page.

Let get down to business.  We all know that Football or (Soccer) for the Americans out there is the most popular sport in the work and one of the most physically demanding.   So I’m going to give you 3 of the best exercises to make you mentally tough and deal with the physical demands of the sport.

  1. The 1st exercise and this will be the staple for you football player out there will be what I call the Hindu Squat.  Much like a regular no weight squat the Hindu squat will have a more fluid motion to mimic the running style and get you a great rhythm.      This is how the exercise works.

  • Stand with your feet shoulders width a part.    Your hands by your chest and elbows back behind you.  Think of a T-rex with his short little hands
  • From there you are going to squat down toward the floor moving to a baseball catchers position with the heals off the ground.  Just go about 90 degrees.  Your weight will be on the balls of your feet when going down and you pop back up
  • Now there is a couple things you can do with your arms.   One you can just let them hang at your side and keep them static or keep them up by your chest.  What I like to do and what helps with keeping in the fluid motion is when I start my decent my arms circle back behind me and falling to the ground.  So when I’m the bottom of the squat my finger tips touch or are close to the ground.  It’s more or less a rowing motion.
  • This exercise exercise is a burner and will be sweating and having latic acid build up in minutes.   I would try for about a 4-5 sets in the beginning of 10-25 reps depending on your fitness level.  The more in shape you are the more you can do.  Click here for example

2.  Exercise 2 is what is called the Hindu Push up.  This is similar to dive bomber push up except once you reach the top you go back to the original instead of going back down.  Again this exercise is more fluid than your standard push up and keeps you in a great rhythm allowing the heart rate up to stay the optimal level for fat burning.

  • You start with the Hindu push up like this.   Stand with you feet shoulder width apart and take a side step 1 foot to the right and 1 foot the left.  Just spread you legs to where is it comfortable for you.  From there bend over and put your hands on the ground and walk forward a little.  Your butt will be in the air and you are in a reverse V position.  Not moving your hand have you chest move toward ground barely touching the ground.  You then come back up.  You going into a reverse oval.  The circular type feel will keep you the fluid motion.

3.  The 3rd exercise is a child hood favorite to all.  The good old fashion pull up.  There is many variation of this exercise from Close Grip to wide grip and reverse grip.  The set will vary and reps, but you know your level of fitness so get to work

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