Welcome to day 2 of the website

Last article I wrote was mainly how to train and to become a fit warrior.  This article i’m going to follow up with some other things you can do.

Do you know the old linebacker Brian Cox from the Chicago could only bench 225 lbs.  That is JV type weight.  WHAT!   So although you might be the most physically talented player it doesn’t matter, it never did.  It’s happened time after and time again.  Seen this story play out 100 times over and it will do it again in the future as well.

Since the time old Satan convinced Eve to take bite of the apple is when it started as mind over matter for man kind.  This is what separates everybody apart from each other the Mind.  Isn’t it amazing the complexity of the brain.  Just look at Wikipedia home page.  Click Here.  It’s got to be one of the largest home page in Wikipedia history.  I bet that’s like 30,000 words.  WOW!!  So get you mind right.